Comprehensive dental care in Pawling

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Your dentist in Pawling provides comprehensive care for your whole family.

Experience the difference of comprehensive dental care in Pawling tailored to your family's needs.  

Finding a family dentist in Pawling that provides personalized attention to every patient should be one of your highest priorities when you are looking for someone to provide dental care to you and your loved ones. While it might seem hard to find someone that can treat everyone from the youngest children to older senior adults, you’ve come to the right place for finding a dentist that provides comprehensive care for everyone.


At Nevid Dental, we love seeing people visit who come from a wide range of different backgrounds, and our dental treatments are designed to fit the needs of people of all ages. From your initial consultation to your continuing care appointments, our team takes the time to fully hear all of your concerns and make sure that you get the answers that you need to your questions.


Once we understand your oral health concerns and goals, we then consider that information as we plan your treatments. Whether you have dental anxiety or are curious about tooth replacement, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that you receive comprehensive services in a gentle, caring, and compassionate environment.


Enjoy Greater Convenience

Many dentists only see patients that fall within a specific age range, which can pose some challenges in finding quality dental care for your whole family. Selecting a dentist that is trained and experienced in providing dental services to everyone makes it more convenient to schedule appointments.


When you choose Nevid Dental as the place to go to see a family dentist, you’ll find that you feel more comfortable knowing that your child or senior loved one is in the chair of someone that you trust. Plus, establishing relationships with each person in your family helps us to provide comprehensive services that consider your family’s health background.


Find Preventative Care for Everyone

Preventing gum disease or tooth decay from developing or getting worse helps you to avoid more costly and intensive treatments down the road. At first, young children might only need dental cleanings and exams to make sure that their oral health is developing normally. Older adults and teens might need fillings, gum disease treatment, or even an extraction to improve their oral health.


Wherever your family is at regarding their oral health, we’ve got the preventative services they need to maintain healthy smiles. We even spend time on patient education to make sure that each person understands what they need to do between their appointments with our family dentist in Pawling.


Know Where to Go for Specialized Care

You can enjoy a full range of dental services from our family dentist in Pawling, but there may eventually reach a point where you need specialized care that is best handled by someone with a different level of training and experience. Endodontics is a special branch of dentistry that addresses deeper oral health issues that affect the pulp of your teeth and the soft tissues that surround them. You may also already be familiar with orthodontics, which is another branch of dentistry that can help straighten misaligned teeth and bites. Oral surgery is an additional area of specialization that you might need for dental implants and other forms of care.


Our family dentist has developed relationships with specialists that can help you to receive these services from someone that you trust. We also maintain communication with all of the specialists within our network, which allows you to benefit from continuity in your care.


Expect to See the Latest Technology 

The dental field has come a long way since the early days when people had to struggle through common treatments. Today, we offer digital X-rays that reduce radiation exposure and provide better views of your teeth. We also provide advanced forms of sedation that can help to prevent pain during dental procedures while allowing you to be able to communicate with your dentist if a need arises in the middle of your treatment.


Whether we’re diagnosing a new oral health condition or providing you with treatment, having state-of-the-art equipment and the latest training helps our dentist provide you with the best possible patient experience.


At Nevid Dental, we love making sure that every patient feels heard and understood, which helps to enhance your care. Between offering you convenient appointment scheduling to being able to coordinate your care for special treatments, we’re proud to say that our family dentist at Nevid Dental in Pawling is capable of providing all of the comprehensive care you need to keep your family’s smiles healthy. Don’t put off finding the right family dentist any longer! Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and start discovering just how easy taking care of your family’s smiles can be!

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